Bars could do more to accommodate non-drinkers

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Alcohol is what comes to mind when you think about an event or celebration. Alcohol is a major part of most events, whether it’s at a club, festival or private party. What will the future of such events be, as more and more people, particularly the youth, are turning away from alcohol?

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According to the Office for National Statistics, drinking rates have dropped. A staggering 61% of those surveyed said that getting drunk is not cool.

One quarter of 16-24 year olds do not drink alcohol at all. Today, there’s a lot more focus on healthy living and lifestyle options. Being sober is now “cool”, and bars and clubs will be able to adapt their offers to appeal to the non-drinkers of this generation. Businesses are reaching out to non-drinkers by hosting events such as sober raves and alcohol-free bars. To update your bar, consider Finance For Pubs by visiting a site like

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What does this mean for the bars and pubs? What’s great for the health sector is actually a bit of a nightmare for the alcohol industry. If bars and clubs want to thrive, they have to adapt to this new culture. Soft drinks are only a temporary solution. Coca-Cola doesn’t have a high profit margin, and most people only drink one or two cans in an evening.

Bar owners shouldn’t confuse abstinence with money-saving. Customers won’t settle for a lemonade or a glass of water because they aren’t saving money. Your beverage selection should be exciting and tantalising, just like the offerings for alcohol drinkers.

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