Which type of Granny do you have?

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We all have our favourite gran – without her, where would we be? There are many different types of Granny, but they all fall into several main categories. Which one is yours?

Glamourous Gran: This glamorous gran can be found at the beauty or hair salon. She has perfect hair, no matter what. Her long red nails are likely to scare children. Her granddaughters will likely raid her wardrobe at every chance, as she probably has nicer clothes than other women her age! She is likely to be mistaken as the mother of her grandchildren when she takes them out, because she has a vigorous skincare regimen designed to fight the ageing process.

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Traditional Gran: This is the most popular gran type of all! The typical gran spends a lot of her time knitting and baking. She will delight her family with an endless variety of baked goods. (But they may not be so pleased with the ‘lovely knitted jumpers’!). To follow in her footsteps, consider Knitting Kits UK from a site like https://www.stitchandstory.com/collections/knitting-kits The typical gran’s house is filled with photos of her grandchildren. They are her pride and joy. You can see why she is the favourite type of gran!

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Crazy Gran: This crazy gran will make your grandchildren’s life fun and exciting. This gran is not a traditional gran. She may live in an unusual place, love to paint or have chickens. She probably has many interesting stories to tell from her past and continues to do so in her older age. This type of grandma is a free spirit. She can do anything – pink hair or cruising around on a motorbike. You never know what she’s going to do!

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