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One of the many reasons we watch medical dramas is the intensity. Will the Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons be able to save the life of the person in front of them? Usually, they have a tragic backstory that we have had to watch first. Depending on the plot and storyline whether that happens or not depends on the scriptwriters and what they were trying to say. For the most part, you could guess what was going to happen. However, there was one medical show that changed that. It was the USA produced ER. For what they were required to do you would often need an extra pair of hands like a locum. Therefore having Locum Insurance, like that provided by Howden Group is essential.

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The show placed you in the ER. You got to know the medical staff but not the people coming in. The focus was on reality. One minute the cast would be discussing some facet of policy or their personal lives when suddenly a trolley was wheeled in with a paramedic shouting, “caucasian female, about 75 suspected heart attack!”, or more tellingly, “young man, about 17, gunshot wound!”

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We then followed them into the ER room as they battled to save the life of whoever had come in. There was no judgement, no hesitation, just a human life to save. This approach proved popular with the public, almost as if they were actually sitting in the ER waiting for something to happen.

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