How a live in carer can help you

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Live in Care Gloucester professionals such as those from can help individuals with a variety of needs, in a variety of different ways.

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They are most often asked to help people who have illnesses or disabilities which mean they need support throughout the day for everyday tasks that most of us take for granted. This could be helping them to get out of bed in the mornings, get dressed and prepare meals for them. They might be helping to support the individual to do these things for themselves, or they might be carrying out these activities for them. It will depend on the level of supporting the individual needs and how often.

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There may also be instances where a live-in carer might be responsible for ensuring that the individual is given any medication that they need or treatments such as physical therapies. This can help to support the person’s health and overall wellbeing.

It is important that individuals needing support are comfortable with their carer and that they have a good relationship as they will be trusting them to support their activities and wellbeing throughout the day. It is also important that they communicate well with one another as they will be living in the home with the individual.

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