How cameras can protect us

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We live in an age of surveillance. However, this is not a bad thing. The amount of cameras in the UK means that we are the most surveilled country in Europe. This is not a fact that should be alarming. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. The coverage of the camera is something that has kept us safe and sound since it first started being used in the 1980s. It’s now easier to have them added to your own home rather than being something that businesses can only afford. A CCTV Installation Gloucester based business like  can provide you with all that you need.

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CCTV is thought to be just wall-mounted cameras on the sides of buildings or large camera arrays at the top of a pole. However,  the world of the CCTV camera has changed dramatically from this. Smaller cameras have meant that the system can be fitted to even more areas of our lives. The dashcam, for example,  has meant that the thousands of fraudulent claims against motorists are dismissed, saving millions.

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The other uses of CCTV cameras have been on drones. These handy little helicopters allow the police to see where criminals are heading without having to resort to using the main helicopter unit. Again, this saves resources and the surveillance is harder for the criminals to spot.

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