5 Most beautiful buildings in Britain

Due to the fact it had an Empire, Britain is blessed with some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Here are a few that make professional organisations like Poole Architects https://uxarchitects.co.uk/ draw on for inspiration.

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  1. St Paul’s Cathedral. Designed by Sir Christioher Wren this was to replace the one that was burnt down in the Great fire of London in 1666. Wren was a visionary who also designed a huge part of the London we know today. He was also the first to say that stone should be uniformly used to prevent another disaster. St Paul’s dome is also famous for its whispering gallery inside.
  2. The Palace of Westminster. Housing Parliament and the Great Hall of Westminster this is the UKs centre of democracy and government. There are few seats of government more iconic than the Palace of Westminster.  The Clock Tower that houses the bell “Big Ben” alone makes for an instantly recognisable landmark.

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  1. Castell Coch in Wales, Looking like a fairytale castle it was designed by an eccentric Victorian millionaire who built it on a site that had had a castle since Norman times. It’s one of the greatest examples of Gothic revivalism.
  2. The Eden Project. Huge glass bio domes nestled in the depths of Cornwall. Built on disused mines that seek to save certainly rare plants.
  3. Holyrood Palace. The ancient seat of the royalty of Scotland and now home to the Scottish Assembly and parliament next door. A Georgian masterpiece.

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