How To Choose The Right Doors For A Contemporary Home

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If you’re designing a home from scratch, picking the right doors and windows is never an easy task. When it comes to choosing a front door, it’s even more difficult to make sure you’re making the right choice. Your front door is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. It has to be strong, sturdy, beautiful and welcoming. The best doors combine elements of contemporary and classic styles to create the perfect entryway to any room in your home. If you’ve already spiced things up with new windows and treatments by Renewal by Andersen windows Maine,  it’s even more important to make sure your choice of doors follows suit. If you’re looking for door types for your home that will bring out its natural elegance, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Let the Light In

While doors are designed to keep the worst elements out of your home, that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice the better elements as well, such as natural light. While older homes full of dark wood and intricate designs benefit from a more closed-in look, contemporary homes always benefit from sunshine and columns of light pouring through. In addition to getting a door with a high window, think about adding side panels of glass to let the light shine in. As long as you’re getting a high-quality fixed glass, you won’t risk bringing in drafts, and you’ll be able to get the best of the morning and midday sun even when your door stays shut. For doors inside the home, you can afford to be even more creative by using thick pains of frosted or textured glass to create beautiful design panels in the middle of each entryway. Even rooms as private as the bedroom or the bathroom can benefit from the beauty of textured or frosted glass without creating an over-exposed feeling.

Reimagine Function

Contemporary homes are full of sleek lines and geometric elements. There’s no reason your doors should be any different. In addition to buying a door made of beautiful, rich wood, you should think about investing in something that looks striking and holds strong. Something with too much decoration can be confusing or work to draw the eye away from some of the bolder designs in the room. However, using vertical lines and eye-catching textures, you can create a door that’s both simple and stunning. Think about adding slats of different colored wood for texture, or repurposing old doors to create a more rustic look in any area of your home. The beauty of a contemporary style is that you can feel comfortable mixing and matching new and classic elements without any fear of clashing.

Don’t Be Afraid of New Designs

You might have your heart set on a simple, classic door, but don’t become closed off to new options. Do you have a larger space in your home with a wider opening, such as a living room or den? Think about using a sliding door or barn door create closure. You’ll be keeping the wide, expansive feel of larger family rooms while offering up the option of privacy. Do you want to create a more sealed-off feeling of quiet and privacy? Think about installing French doors that open outwardly. Choosing different types of doors can help you define what different types of entryways you want in your home. You can even use your choice of door to dictate what the space will be used for. Turn any room in your home into a library, common area, or study simply by choosing the right door fixture and look.

Keep It Classic With a Twist

Don’t want to give up access to a classic, traditional look? You don’t have to. Even if your home is pure contemporary, full of lines and sharp angles, there’s no reason you can’t opt for a classic door style even if you’re afraid it will look wrong for the space. Sometimes, customizing a door comes down to picking the right type of wood or fiberglass. If you want your door to blend in, choose a lighter wood that won’t call too much attention to itself or stick out like a sore thumb. If you want some contrast, adding in a few textured panels of glass or wood slats can help center your door as both art piece and entryway. If you want to use a vintage piece that you absolutely love, find a way to use it in one of your less-busy rooms. In general, wherever you want your door to shine, make sure there aren’t a ton of other design or style elements detracting attention from the piece.

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