5 Things You Should Know Before You Have Your House Professionally Painted

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So you’re considering having the exterior of your home professionally painted. It’s a great way to improve the curb appeal and it might be an imperative step as you prepare to put the property on the market.

The good news is that you decided not to do it all by yourself, but you still need to be sure you choose the best painters in Richmond. Painting your house may seem like a pretty easy task but in reality, it’s a time-consuming project that needs to be done correctly or else you’re going to pay even more to correct the mistakes that were made.

You shouldn’t have to do this twice, get it right the first time by keeping these five factors in mind before you have anyone come to your home with paint cans and rollers.

1. Don’t Let Cost Decide

The price of the job is important but it must not be the only deciding factor. The lowest bid isn’t always the best one and, more often than not, the least expensive option usually becomes the most expensive one.

Doing your homework with respect to finding the most qualified candidates, even if they are going to charge a little more, is the most diligent method for getting the right people on the job. You want the best value for the money and if that means paying more, your home will be all the better for it.

2. Discuss Your Budget

When you do hire the painters you want to use, be sure to fully discuss the amount of money you intend to spend to get the job done right. Find out what type of services are included, the most common unforeseen costs that can pop up, and how to best avoid these problems.

If these things are discussed ahead of time, that can reduce the likelihood of the job running longer and costing more than expected.

3. References

This is a must. Always ask for references from your potential candidates, find out if the jobs they performed previously were up to par and if customers were pleased with the results. Even if the job was done right, how was it working with these painters? Were they accommodating and courteous or were they difficult every step of the way?

Any company that refuses to give you names and numbers of references should be taken out of consideration immediately.

4. Permits and Insurance Policies

Always check a painting company’s permits and insurance certificates. If they don’t have the credentials or documentation on these items, do not hire them. It’s that simple.

5. Check the Paint Color

You’re ready to go, you’ve found the professional painters you want to hire. Now turn your attention to the color they’re about to paint your house. Be sure you really like the way it looks and that means testing it on your house in natural light.

Don’t do this with artificial light or when it’s dark outside. You’ll never get an accurate depiction of the way the home will look in this new color. If you end up hating it, you will be doing this a second time.


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