Create Vintage Style at Home

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There is no tackier trend in home design than decor made to appear vintage. Vintage style comes with knowing what you like and keeping it simple, otherwise your home could easily begin to feel like an antique mall.

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Here are some tips for a beautiful house that feels preserved from a lost era.

Discover Your Own Style

The best vintage style marries your personal taste with a particular era or theme. Notice what you’re drawn to when you walk through an antique store. Whether it is Victorian style or mid-century modern, you’ll want furniture, accents and lighting that naturally go together. Rely on one great vintage piece per room to create a focal point. One great way to get ideas is to take tours of historic homes, as recommended by the Historic Houses Association.

The Living Room

Think of a wooden stereo console or a writing desk with a typewriter as the centerpiece. Let everything else complement that piece which will garner the most attention. A vintage chandelier is also essential.

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The Kitchen

Be mindful that function is just as important as style. The most compelling vintage pieces are the ones that were designed with a specific function in mind, like old bread boxes or glass decanters. It is novel when your vintage pieces are more than just pretty to look at and serve an actual purpose in your kitchen.

The Bedroom

You need to know what you should buy new and what can be antique. You will want new bed linens with a vintage look. But antique curtains or quilts can add a nice feel to the bedroom. A wooden vanity table with an oval mirror by the window is always a great idea. Whether it is the master bedroom, a child’s room or basement, a range of good ideas can be found on remodeler blogs such as

The Bathroom

Ornate mirrors and glass jars with bath salts or soaps are nice accents in the bathroom. Stick with your theme. If there is are nautical pieces throughout your home, a porcelain mermaid for soap holding by the sink is a nice touch.

The most important thing when creating vintage design in your home is to keep it consistent and uncluttered. You want to be transported to a simpler and more decadent time anytime you walk into a room.

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