How To Prevent Back Pain?

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According to a recent study, in the World, 75% of people suffer a serious back pain that needs treatment. The rest we can avoid and prevent back pain through a change of habits in our routine and some simple tips on postural hygiene, which will help us to get a better rest, a more agile mobility and a higher quality in our day to day.

How to Avoid Back Pain?

Take care of your posture

  • If you have to sit a long time, try that the chair has a backrest with your legs are at a 90º angle. Always keep your back straight trying to be comfortable but taking care of your position.
  • Avoid leaning forward, bending your neck and back. We do it without realizing it and at the end of the day we end up noticing it. Move your body or your shoulders, turn your head left and right, stretch your back … It is necessary that while you are in your workplace move your body or your muscles and bones will end up loading tension.
  • It offers mobility to your body from time to time across the legs. Alternate the crossing from one to another every 15 or 20 minutes.
  • Never sit on the edge of chairs or armchairs, this will cause your vertebrae to suffer. And if the chair has arms, do not lie for a long time on one side more than the other.
  • Get up every hour to walk a little. Go to the bathroom, go to the coffee machine and try to walk a few steps every hour.

When you crouch do not take weight

  • Avoid loading excessive weights, you can injure your back.
  • When you crouch, flex your knees, always keeping your back straight or upright without bending your spine.
  • When you are going to pick up some object or load from the ground, take it with both hands and approach it to the body, and then rise slowly.
  • If you have to drag something and weigh a lot, wear it always glued to your body and waist high. This will prevent any injury from appearing.

When you stand

  • Change your foot support every 15 to 20 minutes. Take small steps from time to time to avoid immobility. Also bend your knees slightly when you do. Remember that your spine must always be straight, whether you are sitting or standing.

When you go to sleep

  • Remember that the best position is on your side or face up, never upside down as you end up forcing your neck and neck.
  • Use a pillow between your feet. It is ideal for taking care of your back.
  • The head should not be too flexed or extended.

Beware of stress

  • When we suffer from stress, the likelihood of suffering from back pain increases because it favors the appearance of muscular contractures. In addition, our nervous structures are more sensitive and the pains are perceived with greater intensity.
  • To relieve tensions and take care of our back we can practice swimming or do yoga.


  • Avoid tight clothing and high heels. This will prevent us from taking erroneous positions that end up damaging our back.
  • Avoid Overweight: Obesity causes our muscles and bones to bear more weight, causing pain and injury. Maintain a balanced diet rich in fruits, fibers, and fresh vegetables.
  • Practice a sport: with a little exercise a day, we will avoid the rigidity of our body and relieve the accumulated tensions.

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