Accessories for The Bride

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After choosing the wedding dress, they should look for the perfect accessories that complement it.

The choice of accessories should harmonize the look of the bride, should not be more flashy than the dress or the bride herself.

They must be very careful when choosing them since everyone must combine and be balanced so that on the day of the wedding you do not look like Christmas trees that hung everything they found.


The veil is the iconic accessory of brides, complementing the look in a decisive way.

Carrying a veil at the wedding had different symbolisms, which over time have changed to the present, which is only an accessory without implicit meanings.

The choice of the veil will depend on several factors such as the style of the dress, the height of the bride, the shape of her face and the hairstyle she will wear.

If the design of the dress is very heavy, it is better to balance it with a soberer veil.

It is also very important that the color of the veil be the same as that of the dress. Even if you choose a “white wedding dress”, there may be slight color variations because there are different shades of white, some are more yellow and some grayish (you may have heard them as beige, ivory, champagne, pearl, cream …).


Before choosing the adornment you want to wear your hair (tiara, comb, flowers …), define the style of hairstyle you would like for the day of the wedding, so look for the accessory that best suits.

Look at the details of your dress and see if the shines are silver or if they are rather golden. Take into account the tone of the metal and match it with the headdress and the jewels they will wear.

 If your dress does not have glitter or adornment that guides them with the color, consider that the gold highlights the cream colors like ivory or beige, and silver highlights better with the purest white.

 The jewels of the bride

They do not need to wear everything: earrings, necklace, bracelets … remember that as far as accessories less is more.

For the earrings, take into account the hairstyle, the shape of your face, the wedding dress and the headdress. A gathered hairstyle can wear more eye-catching earrings while a loose hairstyle will look better with more delicate earrings.

For your hands, ideally only wear your engagement ring and after the ceremony also the marriage. But if they are unconventional brides, they can highlight their look with an original detail such as these beautiful handmade rings for brides, and maybe even change the classic wedding ring.

As for the necklace, you can choose the following:

  • Avoid it. – If your dress does not have a neckline or is a halter style that covers the chest, do not need to top a collar because they would detract impact to the dress.
  • A delicate necklace. – If you consider that it is necessary to complement the neckline of the dress, but do not want to overload the look with the dress ornaments and earrings, then choose a delicate chain with a small stone.
  • A necklace “statement”. – If the design of the dress is rather minimalist, perhaps need to complement it with a very original piece, such as a necklace or choker that are very flashy. If so, balance with discrete earrings.


Other accessories that are very fashionable are belts or beaded bracelets, which can be the perfect complement to a simple wedding dress.

Although your dress does not include an ornament like this, you can incorporate it to highlight your figure and dress. Just be careful not to saturate your wedding look, remember to keep balance in conjunction with other accessories.

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Another supplement to take into account to highlight the dress, are shoes.

The shoes should combine with the look you want to achieve, and at the same time should be comfortable enough to wear them several hours (even if they are changed half a party, you should consider wearing them since the ceremony)

It is important to have them before the test of the dress so that the dress is at the exact height and should be molded before the wedding (here you can read   7 tips to choose the bridal shoes ;))

Bouquet of flowers

Another complement to the look of the bride is the bouquet of flowers. Choose the bouquet that best suits your height, the design of the dress, the style of the wedding and the other flowers that will be used in the event (read more here about how the bride’s bouquet should be).


Do not forget to include in your accessories something new, something old, something blue and something borrowed, and the garter belt that the groom will remove at the party (in this other post you can read more about these traditions of the bride and its meaning).

If you want to carry a bag to carry your cell phone, lipstick, handkerchiefs or any other object you want to have on hand, you can choose a modern party clutch, just take into account the tip of combining the same metal.

And if it is cold at the party, prevent a coat or something to cover that combines elegance with your dress so you do not disentangle.

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