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It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the current wedding trends but forget that what you really want is just to make your day special, personal and unique. What will you and your guests be most likely to remember? It’s not what trends you had on display but the small, individual moments and sweet details that make the occasion uniquely yours. Here are some ideas for making your nuptials as intimate and personal as possible:

Custom Vows

Writing your own vows is the ultimate way to personalise your wedding. You can stand out from the crowd by choosing to exchange vows that are completely different from what other couples are saying to each other every weekend.

When it comes to speeches, try to avoid lifting material off the internet. Not only will it not be your words, but you’ll end up reading it like a robot, staring down at a piece of paper and it won’t feel natural and ‘in the moment’.

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Ring Warming

The content of your ceremony can have a big impact on the rest of your day. Start out on the right foot by really including your guests in the proceedings and inviting them to ‘warm’ your rings before the ceremony. Every guest gets to hold the rings and imbue them with good wishes and hopes for the future.

Bring the pets!

Some weddings are laid back affairs where even the family pets are invited. Check with your venue but some might even allow your four-legged furry friends to accompany you down the aisle!

Guest considerations

What separates a good wedding from a wonderful wedding is how much the guests have been considered in the planning. Personal touches make all the difference and your guests will feel appreciated and not just mere bystanders or photo fillers.

Simple and easy to achieve ideas include using a photo of the guest as their individual place setting card form which they must find their place at the tables. Decorating your reception venue with family and friend photos is also a nice way to tell your story. For a Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue, visit

Have the Bride give a speech

Not many brides stand up and give a heart-warming speech to thank everyone who has been involved in the big day, but it’s super special when they do.

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Photo Session at the End of the Day

Consider having a second lot of couples’ photos done after the ceremony and the speeches. Later in the day, the light is different, and couples are far more relaxed. There is less pressure, and this allows for some beautiful, creative and unique images to be captured. It’s also a lovely time for the couple to take some quiet time together before the evening celebrations commence.

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