If you live on a farm or have a large property, a backyard pond can provide beauty and benefits. The soothing sounds of water from waterfalls and streams add relaxing ambiance, as well as advantages for conservation and wildlife. Installing a backyard pond will benefit the environment and increase the beauty and resale value of your property.

Water Conservation

Backyard ponds provide a self-sustaining, continuous cycle of hydration for plants and wildlife. Healthy, green lawns require regular watering. On large properties, it’s easy to use up to 1,500 gallons of water every month. Once you fill up a pond with water, it can be re-filled with rainwater. In a season with low rainfall, it’s easy to set up a pipe system that carries rainwater from a barrel to your pond. There is no need to change the pond water or add additional water when the water level gets low. You can also use your pond water to hydrate other plants and flowers in the yard. If you live on a farm, your animals will enjoy a cool drink from the pond on a hot day.

Local Wildlife

In addition to natural beauty and water conversation, backyard ponds provide a serene haven for a variety of local wildlife. They attract birds, dragonflies, frogs, and a number of other little critters looking for water or a cool bath. Baby frogs and tadpoles eat algae, so they help to keep the pond clean. Adult toads love relaxing on lily pads and rocks help to control insects around the pond and in the garden. For color and visual interest, fill your pond with goldfish and beautiful Koi fish.

Fewer Pesticides

Many pesticides and fertilizers used on lawns contain toxic chemicals that often end up in ground water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than one million pounds of pesticides and fertilizers are used each year to promote green, healthy landscapes. With dredging equipment for rent, you can use the pond sludge as a natural fertilizer for your grass and plants. It’s filled with nutrients from decaying plants, fish food, and fish droppings.