How to Solve 3 Common Cell Phone Problems

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Most people these days can’t leave the house without their cell phone, which isn’t surprising considering everything that smartphones can do—from being an actual phone to accessing the wealth of information on the internet to apps that make life a little bit easier. So it’s understandable that a malfunctioning phone could ruin your day.

1. Cracked Screen

Despite increased durability in phone models and cases, cracked screens remain one of the most common problems for cell phone users. Cell phones like to jump out of pockets, and people drop their phones a lot. But don’t worry: this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a new phone. You can usually get a cracked screen fixed at a cell phone repair shop Odessa TX. Once you get it fixed, make sure to invest in a sturdy, padded case to prevent the need for future repairs.

2. Battery Drain

If you carry a charger or a couple of external batteries with you everywhere because your phone dies too quickly, there’s a better solution. Most smartphones have a battery-saving mode that reduces screen brightness and puts your phone to sleep more quickly when idle. If you don’t have that option, you can change those settings manually.

3. Water Damage

Water damage is common for the same reason cracked screens are: people drop their phones a lot, and sometimes phones land in water. While this could mean the death of your phone, you should first turn your phone completely off and stick it in a bag of dry rice. Do not try to power it on or plug it in or anything like that for a couple of days. For best results, though, take it to a repair shop immediately and let a professional assess the damage.

Don’t let these common issues disrupt your life. Getting your phone back up and running will probably be much less of a hassle than you’d imagine, especially if you follow these tips.

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