The pressure of being camera ready

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Modern day celebrities have a large and significant presence on social media. There has been a steady transition over the past decade which has seen most influential figures move a lot of their businesses online due to the reach they have on social media platforms. Paparazzi are no longer the main providers of photographs of the world’s most famous actors, models, and musicians. Many of these figures now provide fans and the general population which is present on social media platforms with photographs taken either by themselves or by their personal photographers. These social media influencers also face constant scrutiny due to the fact that they are often photographed by people in public.

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These factors all contribute to the pressures of constantly looking camera ready. In order to look camera ready, they often make use of stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists. The stylists will often need mens designer clothes to dress their male artists. Mens designer clothes are therefore a commodity which these stylists may sometimes need to source from a wide range of companies including EJ Menswear. The online availability of these items makes it easier for these stylists to gain approval for certain pieces prior to purchasing them, in order to make sure the client will gladly wear the chosen pieces.

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