3 Different Ways To Provide Personal Security

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When we speak about personal security, we often think of celebrities and public figures who are surrounded by bodyguards. However, the concern for individual security is no longer confined to a select few. Regular individuals and private homes warrant just as much safeguarding. Here are three practical security solutions.

Personal Guard Dog

Dogs are not only a man’s best friend, but some of them also make excellent guard dogs. Women who live alone are encouraged to keep watchdogs for their personal protection both indoors and outdoors. Several popular species that train well for this role include the German shepherd, Doberman pinscher, rottweiler and pitbull. Because an average dog lives between 10 and 13 years, a guard dog is a good investment as a pet and a safety companion. Dogs travel well, and some of the protective breeds have low maintenance, too.

Home Security Systems

While a guard dog may not provide 24/7 security, an automated system with 100% uptime will. Wired and wireless security systems with surveillance cameras and motion detectors are easily available today for the home consumer. Some of these systems are integrated with a professional surveyance team who will dispatch the police for you. If you prefer to have a physical presence of armed security guards, you can consult a professional security services company Ft Worth.

DIY Smart Home Solutions

If you are technically savvy, you might be interested in different ways to convert your home into a smart home. You can automate the daily operations of your home devices such as lighting and heating equipment, window blinds, appliances and surveillance cameras. Having the lights in your home turn on and off when you are away may give the illusion to outsiders that your house is occupied. Switching on the television or audio devices in your absence may deter a potential criminal from attempting to break in.

Individual safety is a constant concern. By deploying some of these solutions, you may gain inner peace and feel a higher level of security.

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