Why natural gas is a home heating star

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Energy prices can be a serious drain on household finances and a question which often raises its head is whether gas is a better fuel than electricity or coal. The clear answer is that it certainly has several important advantages over alternative fuels.

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1. Cost

Natural gas is almost always cheaper per unit you use than electricity, a huge consideration for many hardworking families. There are many providers of natural gas, so you can shop around and get a great deal on your supply. There are also various Government schemes designed to help people with home heating and insulation, making gas even more affordable.

2. Reliability

Unlike electricity, which is vulnerable to interruptions in supply during adverse weather, for example, gas is supplied via secure unexposed underground pipes and your service is consequently highly unlikely to be disrupted. In other words, you seldom get a power cut with gas!

3. Versatility

As well as heating your home, gas can be used for cooking. It is, in fact, the preferred fuel of many leading chefs who believe it is easier to control gas than electricity when cooking, especially on a hob. You probably aren’t required to produce Michelin-starred meals but your family no doubt demands great food on a daily basis.

4. Efficiency

Appliances reach optimum heat almost instantly, giving you a warm and cosy home quickly – a major boon during a typically chilly British winter. Is there anything nicer than being a snug, well-heated house when the elements are doing their worst outside?

5. Cleaner

Natural gas is known to be a cleaner, more environmentally friendly and sustainable fuel than its counterparts. Using natural gas can be your way to shrink your and your family’s carbon footprint and do your bit for Mother Earth.

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6. Safety

When equipment such as boilers are properly maintained, as for example by Guildford boiler repair company http://www.rjplumbingandheating.co.uk/boilerServicing.htm, gas is among the safest home heating fuels around. Careful maintenance also makes gas heating even more efficient, helping to keep bills down.

7. Convenience

Gas appliances don’t generate the mess that is commonly the by-product of coal, for example, making your job easier when you are doing the housework.

Most fuels have their advantages and disadvantages, but gas really is a home heating star!


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