Relieve Your Fever of Beauty and The Beast with Merchandising ‘very cool’

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With the release of the new Disney film, Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, the brands have not wanted to miss the opportunity and have launched to market all kinds of merchandising: T- shirts, Pendants, Funko Pop dolls and even the famous chipped cup.

Merchandising for fans of Beauty and the Beast

No matter how old you are or whether you are a boy or a girl, Disney will always be a very important part of your childhood and you cannot avoid that your remakes, like Beauty and the Beast, awaken in you numerous memories and feelings of nostalgia.

If you have a birthday or would like to give a special gift to a loved one, with the merchandising of Beauty and the Beast will not fail.

In the different physical stores, like the official store of Disney or in websites like Amazon or Ali express, you can find a great variety of products of Beauty and the Beast suitable for all types of budgets and tastes: costumes, vinyl, etc.

In the home department of Amazon, you can find such original decorations of the film as the glass bell in which the beast keeps the flower enchanted or cookie cutters with the shape of the characters.

Curious the case of this glass, people are doing “queues” to get it and you can get it on eBay. Of course … to be a glass is a bit expensive.

One of the most popular gifts is the Funko Pop. Get the figure of ‘ Bella’, ‘ Beast’, ‘ Lumière’, ‘ Din Don’ and even the famous talking cabinet. But without a doubt, the one that has caught the attention of its fans has been that of Mrs. Potts.

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The Irish chain low-cost Primark has not been slow in getting noticed with its new special collection of Beauty and the Beast. Many have been the brands that have launched to the market with different merchandising of Beauty and the Beast, but few have managed to revolutionize the fans as Primark has done. The guilty? Nothing more and nothing less than the replica of ‘Chip’, the tacit son of ‘Mrs. Potts’.

This design not only has managed to revolutionize Instagram but in a matter of weeks has sold all its stocks in stores in the UK and Ireland. And is that, although in Spain will be expected, arriving at stores at the end of June with a price of 6 Dollars everything indicates that will have the same success as in other countries.

In addition, Primark wanted Beauty and the Beast to be present in their collection of pajamas and socks as in the accessories section in the form of purses.

And you? What merchandising of Bella and the Beast do you want to have?

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