All About Power Dividers

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You may have heard of power dividers or directional couplers and wondered what they are. They are devices that let a set amount of electromagnetic power to a port, which lets the signal from the transmission line be used in another circuit. They are also important because they only let the power flow one way. This means that any power that enters the output port does not enter the coupler. You may also encounter hybrid couplers, which are dividers that split the power equally between two ports. Aside from what they are, there are a few things you should know about these devices.

How They Work

These devices work by taking the energy from one transmission line and pairing it with the nearby line’s energy. This is popular for microwave frequencies since they tend to have many lines and circuits. It is also used at lower frequencies, such as for audio lines. For higher frequencies, you may encounter something called a waveguide. These are built into the transmission lines.

What They Are Used For

Power dividers are used for a variety of things. They are very common for monitoring, feedback, combining feeds for antennas, cable TV, and telephone lines. Hybrid couplers are often used to give your household devices, like your cable TV and internet, a signal. Others, like phase difference couplers, are used to send a signal out over an antenna. In other words, these send out the FM, AM, and Satelite radio signals that you listen to on your way to work or the grocery store.

Power dividers are an important thing to understand if you want to know more about a major component that helps run many of your household appliances. Learning how they work and what they are used for can help get you started on your quest for knowledge.

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