5 more things to know before you drive your new camper van

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If you are setting out on the open road in your camper van then you are likely to be full of the spirit of adventure. However, even for those brimming with wanderlust, it’s worth running through a number of checks before living the dream.

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How high is your camper van

It’s essential that you know the height of your van: in the UK, seafront and town centre car parks often have height restrictions. Similarly, in European countries such as Spain, underground car parks are a certain size that may mean they will be off limits to Welsh Coast Campers and other vans. Check the handbook so you know your van’s exact height.

Love your camper

Owning or hiring a classic VW camper van is a fabulous experience; however, be mindful of this and remember that an old camper needs to be handled gently and is a far more sensitive beast than your average modern motorhome. As the engine is in the back, it is likely you won’t be able to hear it so don’t over-rev it. Check for seatbelts too as the older-style vans may not have them, and the wearing of seatbelts when travelling with children is a legal requirement.

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Roof research

Camper roofs come in different shapes and sizes so choosing the right roof (check out Welsh Coast Campers for more information) is essential. If you want a bit more room, then a pop-top will serve you well, whereas if you want to create both storage and sleeping space, consider a high-top. The standard metal roof – the tin-top – doesn’t allow for standing room and makes cooking a chore, while at the touch of a button the more modern camper’s electric roof offers more space.

Invest in an awning

Awnings are a useful addition to any trip as you can store lots of equipment in them, but it’s worth having a practice run putting an awning up and taking it down at Welsh Coast Campers or other camper van companies. If in doubt, do some research.

Photograph the interior

It may seem like an odd suggestion, but many holidaymakers are left bemused when putting their van back together. Cabins (particularly in the more modern van) can be complex, so take a photo to help you when reassembling the interior.

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