Ten of the best Drupal themes available to buy

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If you use Drupal, then the ten themes below, all of which are optimised around a responsive design, are worth buying to enhance your site.

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Minimalism is great for achieving mobile-friendliness, which should be a priority with Google’s mobile-first indexing inbound. This theme is simple yet modern and should get your message across without adornments.


If you want to showcase media, especially images, in a way that is eminently professional then this is the theme to pick.


Bright hues are great for some, but if you prefer a more subdued monochrome look then it is worth checking out this theme.

Style Vintage

Some sites need to hark back to a bygone age and with this theme it is more straightforward than you might think, while still being uncluttered and contemporary in other ways.

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For a site that looks great on smartphones and tablets while also doing a good job of hosting video content, this is the theme of the moment.

Working with a Drupal design agency such as https://www.website-express.co.uk/ can be the best way to harness all of the features that a theme like this offers.


Animations and transitions are more on-trend than ever and this theme has plenty included as standard, making the site feel more fluid and intuitive on portable devices.


This is a lean, mean, green-oriented theme that embraces simplicity while adding an important touch of colour to give a bit of personality alongside its practical capabilities.


Mixing elements inspired by the Metro aesthetics of recent versions of Windows with design decisions that make it perfect for small businesses, this theme has a lot to recommend itself.


Creating a good-looking business site that does not appear over-engineered is eminently possible with Consilium, which uses aquamarine as its main colour and downplays everything else for a more focused user experience.


Responsive sites still sometimes leave the lingering feeling that they were designed for desktop and then scaled down or shoehorned onto smaller screens without much thought. The SpecialOne theme combats this by combining colours and iconography that emulates some of the look and feel found on mobile devices, while still remaining slick and stable throughout, giving your site an approachable and appealing look that does not sacrifice professionalism in any way.

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