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Is there a woman insensitive to the charm of the bag? Who does not have at least more than one (ten)? By now we have become true ‘bag addicts’. Bags are a key element for our look. But how to choose the right bag. What’s for us? Here are 7 golden rules to find the perfect bag.

Rule 1: Do Not Think That a Bag Should Not Be Tested

Buying a bag is not instinct, at least if you want to find the one that suits your look. A bag should be tried. Wear it and look in the mirror. Hold it in your hand; bring it as if you were on the street. It is often easy to understand if a bag gives you or not.

Rule 2: The Right Size

In addition to feeling good, a bag must also have the right size (yes, just like a dress). Because just like a pair of jeans, a bag can make your legs look good – but also uglier – (if the bag is not the right size). A bag can beautify (or worsen) your silhouette. A bag must be in proportion to the body. If you’re small, do not go around with a bag bigger than you. If you are tall, avoid micro-bags.HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BAG

Rule 3: The Right Form

In addition to size, the shape also matters. If you want a rule then keep the following in mind: choose a form that is the opposite of your body. If you are tall and slender, then opt for a bag with round shapes, if you are small and quite full, opt for a ‘slender’ bag. It makes the difference!

Rule 4: A Bag Must Be Comfortable

We have already said: a bag should be tested, worn before being bought (or not). This does not only mean observing you with a critical look in the mirror. We must also wear the bag. Hold it under your arm, try the handle. Can you bring it to your arm as you want? Or pull under the armpit? Does it weigh on the forearm? Try it if it’s comfortable and even if it does not weigh too much!

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Rule 5: A Bag Accentuates…

Realize the fact that a bag accentuates the part of the body where you carry the bag. A shoulder bag that reaches the height of life, accentuates life. If you do not have a narrow life, better avoid it. If you carry a purse in your hand, you will draw attention to the hand (which must be properly treated, especially if we are talking about an evening bag). A shoulder bag diagonally to the bust accentuates … the breasts. Think about it!HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT BAG

Rule 6: Ask Yourself If the Bag Is ‘Safe’

The bags are used to carry more things and important items. Ask yourself what it will be for. Books and magazines can be brought safely into an open exchange, but if we put our wallets, the subject changes. It’s like opening an open door, but it’s important to ask yourself if the bag you want to buy is safe.

Rule 7: Ask Yourself If the Bag Is Appropriate For Your ‘Lifestyle’

You can literally fall in love with a bag, but if it does not ‘work’, love will soon pass. Try if there are all the necessary things (wallet, keys, cell phone). Investigate if the bag has internal hinges to put season tickets or even a passport. Take your time and do not be afraid to ask the clerk to take a test to see if you can give a place to all the items you want to have with you. After all, a bag is used to carry things, it’s not just an object to show to envious friends…

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