5 Places to See in Paris

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Paris the City of Love. So immense but so welcoming at the same time. The streets of the French capital have a very particular personality that makes it different from any other European city. The ideal would be to live there a little time to be able to reach every charming corner that hides, but a weekend getaway can also fill your own. If this is your case, today we give you 5 recommendations that you should not miss for the world if you travel to Paris.

The Eiffel Tower: It’s not that it’s mandatory, it’s almost impossible not to see it. It can be seen practically anywhere in the city because it has a vertiginous height of nothing more and no less than 319 meters. And yes, the bravest can climb up to the top, by elevator, even up the stairs. Be that as it may, reaching the top and seeing the infinite city of Paris that reaches the horizon, in this viewpoint 360º is priceless.

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Arc de Triomphe:  Another immense monument, not as big as the Eiffel Tower, but as soon as you start the journey in the kilometer-long Champs Elysees you can already see from a distance. If you do it walking, it can be interminable to get to him, so we recommend that you take the bus, reserve your strength and encourage you to climb the viewpoint of the Arc de Triomphe. On this occasion, you will not have another to climb to it for the more than 200 spiral steps that there is access. Once up there, the aerial views of the Champs-Elysees and the Eiffel Tower will remain forever.

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Notre Dame Cathedral: It sure sounds to you about the famous Disney movie “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. It is a majestic and fun cathedral at the same time because all the tourists associate their gargoyles with those that leave in the film. And yes, there are also many steps up here. In Paris, you have viewpoints everywhere, so you will not only enjoy good views, it will also help you to get in shape.

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Louvre Museum: It could be said that it is the museum of the museums. It is huge, if you want to see it all well you possibly need the whole day as a minimum. Here are some of the most important works in history. However, the most visited without a doubt is the Gioconda, always surrounded by a multitude of tourists trying to get a selfie with her.

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Sacre Coeur: Finally, another very typical place. It is located in a high, crowning Montmartre and that is why we can also see it from many points of the city. From here there is also a viewpoint with spectacular views of all of Paris, and best of all is that it is much more accessible than the others, and we can climb on a small train to it.

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