Evaluation of Personal Finances in The Year

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This can be a task avoided by many, and of course, in an evaluation of your finances in the year, you can see what has failed and what can improve, which is not very pleasant.Leaving a little sentimentality and evaluation helps you enormously.

Ideally, financial evaluations should be done quarterly, so even if you work on an annual budget, you have the opportunity to amend bad stock and give a better face to next year’s finances.

We invite you to ask the following questions:

1. How do you manage your money, are you happy in the way you do it?
2. Do you know the finance partner? Do you talk about finances with your partner? Do you know how much your partner earns?
3. What kind of decisions do you make when there is an emergency or situation with money?
4. What are the areas where you have the most problems when talking about money?
5. How do you feel about your current financial situation? Do you have savings? Invest? Have you acquired debts or built a heritage?
6. Do you feel uncertain about your financial situation? Why or why not?
7. What types of financial concepts or issues do you feel you can learn the most?
8. What things or goals have you been ignoring during your life? Be honest
9. What are the mistakes with your money that you have committed? Have you learned from them? Have you continued to commit them?
10. What have been your financial successes and what have you learned from them?
11. What habits should be modified and improved?
12. Do you really know how much your salary is by making contributions and deductions?
13. How much money have you saved?
14. How much money do you owe in total?
15. What is the total and size of your estate?
16. In the event that you are missing in your family, are they protected?
17. What kind of accidents or eventualities could affect your assets? Are you protected in case they happen?

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Answering all these questions you can know in detail what is the current financial situation and of course, you can also know where you can improve. Although personal finances cover only a small part of your life, having a problem with them can ruin much of your life.
Money is a useful tool to achieve the goals and goals that are proposed, it is a means but not the end. You should not take away the dream, you should direct all your actions and focus on being able to fulfill your dreams and goals, and once you achieve them you should feel proud and fulfilled, not otherwise.
It is still time to take the right path with your finances, and do not be afraid to ask for help from financial advisors or have to talk to your bank to review better options, everything will be headed for a better future. Each year will be different and at every stage of your life needs change, be sure to tailor your annual budget and plans to that. No one is exempt from making mistakes in finances should only be willing to amend them.

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