Decorating your Holiday Let Property

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If you have a property that you have recently acquired and you intend to use it as a holiday let that can generate you an income, one of the first things that you will probably think about is how you will decorate it so that it is appealing to people who are coming to stay, yet practical for people who are coming on holiday.

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Decorating a holiday let is something to give serious consideration to, as you want to make sure that it is a place where people will be happy to spend time doing what we all want to do when we are on holiday – relaxing. Therefore, making it overly sleek and modern is probably not the best idea, as this can make it more unwelcoming.

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What people will want is a place that is clean and tidy and also that they can happily call home for a week or two. Furniture is an important part of this as people want to relax on a comfortable sofa and get a good night’s sleep in a lovely bed. A vintage style sofa like this for example, can work well in a holiday let, with both a comfortable and homely feel to it.

For the walls, paint is the best choice, as it is easier to touch up than wallpaper, and with so many colours to choose from it is easy to find one that suits the mood of the property.

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