Five Home Decor Trends for Spring 2018

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Want your home looking on trend for spring? Check out these five home decor trends for Spring-Summer 2018.

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Boldness of Colour

There will be no pastels in sight this spring, as a top trend will be bold colours such as Royal Blue, Racing Green, Fuchsia Pink and Canary Yellow.


In an era of open-plan living, transparency is key to marking out rooms whilst retaining an airy and open feel. Perspex and glass are key trends and can be used to mark out areas in a bedroom or in sliding dividers that subtly close-off kitchen/diners at night.

Classic Styles

Iconic designs such as herringbone flooring and A-line furniture continue to be seen in the most stylish homes. You can achieve herringbone styles with engineered flooring such as the choices from for a more practical and lower-cost option than real wood.

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Enter the Dark Side

When it comes to wooden furniture, it’s time to think dark. Light beeches are out and dark, earthy woods such as walnut are in. These darker woods are ideally set against the backdrop of rich pigment paints using the bright colours mentioned above.


As spring and summer are upon us, it’s time to think about lush botanics (as opposed to pastel blossoms). Rainforest-inspired botanics can be used everywhere, from curtains prints to oversized planters.

From classic styles to bright colours and tropical botanicals, this season is set to be fresh, bold and confident.

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