What If The Redevelopment Is Not Possible in Old Building?

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With the inability to redevelopment, apartments are often encountered. And the owners of the apartments and in the old historical buildings, and in elite new buildings. Today we will talk about why such a problem arises and how it can be solved without unnecessary costs.

Why cannot I do the redevelopment?

There are several main reasons:

  • The building has a historical and cultural value. At the same time, they can prohibit not only changing the facade and its elements, but also any redevelopment inside the building. The status of value is appropriated to estates, merchant and profitable houses, which after the revolution was not divided into communal apartments, but used as headquarters, libraries or even kindergartens without changing the basic layouts.
  • The apartment has too many load-bearing structures. Apartments with these features are often found in new buildings. The area they can be very different – from 25 to 80 square meters. m. In small carriers can be all the walls, and in the large in the middle often there are several supporting walls or columns.What If The Redevelopment Is Not Possible in Old Building?

In addition, after purchasing a “studio with free planning” in terms of BTI, you can find an already approved layout, which will have to be reproduced with the utmost precision. The concept of “studio” in official documents is not reflected in any way.

  • Too thick walls. This is one of the main problems in working with buildings built in the early XIX century. Dismantling or carrying even non-load-bearing walls will be too expensive.
  • The original finish is preserved. Most often, this can be found in old communal apartments or apartments of the early 30-is. If the original design, moldings, parquet, window frames and doors are preserved in the room, then everything must be restored with special care, and not changed to a replica in order to please the latest trends. The redevelopment will disturb the architectural integrity of the apartment.

If you got a well-preserved apartment, which has historical value, do not change the contours of the premises. This will change the boundaries of the floor. Repeat the authentic layout of the parquet of the pre-revolutionary period with a drain around the perimeter and perekkolkami today is almost impossible. How to find wood of excellent quality.

Problem-solving options

If the redevelopment cannot be done for technical reasons or you do not have enough money for this yet, you can change the functional purpose of the rooms without a radical change of finishes.

Usually, in old houses, there are many office rooms, which no one will use for their intended purpose. For example, rooms for servants at the dining room or next to the kitchen. These deaf rooms can be turned into a compact kitchen and laundry, and large areas left under the living room or study.What If The Redevelopment Is Not Possible in Old Building?

From a small kitchen to the dining room you can cut through a convenient opening, but only on condition that there are no doors in it. Pick up a suitable carpentry to an existing one is quite difficult.

If everything suits you, but there is not enough space for a cabinet or a separate dining room, you can use all available furniture methods to distinguish a large room into functional areas. So, in the kitchen-living room and fit a working area, and a spacious place to relax.

In small rooms with high ceilings, use decorating tricks: portable screens, shelves or lightweight prefabricated structures, which can be easily disassembled when moving or changing the interior. They will not harm the original decoration of the room, but it will look just gorgeous.

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What cannot be done in any case

  • When changing the appointment of rooms – a great give to the classic American cuisine with the island. Remember, as far as the possible need to save the appointment or premises used to give a greater area under the living, because in it you and your family will spend free time during the day.
  • Transfer the kitchen to the maximum distance from the dining room. It happens that small rooms for servants are in the back of the apartment. If you carry the kitchen in them, and the dining room remains in its original place, then it will be inconvenient to carry a treat to guests with a long corridor.What If The Redevelopment Is Not Possible in Old Building?
  • Use the main halls with large windows for organizing bedrooms. In historical buildings, even the service rooms were quite spacious. Their area is enough to equip comfortable children’s and main bedrooms. The problem of lack of light can be solved with the help of additional lighting. But large bright rooms with beautiful windows are best left for living rooms, dining rooms or libraries.
  • Destroy in the old building preserved stucco and parquet for the sake of realizing projects of modern style. The old classical layout is not suitable for them, new-fangled solutions will look very cheap. Yes, and sell such a room then much more difficult. Few people like the discrepancy between the historical appearance of the entrance, the architecture of the building and the filling of the apartment.
  • In the new apartments to implement pseudo-historical solutions. Design options with gilding, massive furniture, and a million extra rooms are not needed by anyone. Such interiors resemble cheap furniture stores.


At last

Do not be discouraged if you cannot create a dream layout on available square meters. You, on the contrary, were lucky. With the help of changing furniture and decorating solutions, it is possible to make changes to the interior without additional costs if necessary. Just do not forget to consult the decorator before that. He will help to make a competent detail of the interior. We, for example, often recommend not using expensive finishing materials, hang the entire decor on the walls on cords or even abandon the wall mounts in favor of placing large canvases near the walls.

Do not be afraid to experiment to create a comfortable interior.

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