How to Create Your Dream Kitchen

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Start by assessing your current kitchen and identifying what you love and what you wish could be improved. This will help you discover your essential kitchen design elements and make it easier to decide on a budget for your remodel.

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Consider how much seating you need. Most kitchens today feature an everyday family table, but if you also enjoy entertaining or hosting friends then you may want to include an eat-in island with additional seating, a banquette, or even a cosy window seat. For Kitchen Refurb details, visit

Choose your materials carefully. If you want a high-end look without the hefty price tag then explore quartz and solid surface options that resemble natural stone but come with a lower cost.

Don’t forget about ventilation. Whether you need a smart overhead, pendant, or under-cabinet hood, or banks of windows, it’s important to properly ventilate your kitchen to eliminate smoke, odours, and steam while protecting your lungs and your food.

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Consider storage innovations. From rolling, pull-out shelves and toe kick drawers to custom spice racks, you can tame your clutter with some deceptively simple solutions.

It’s also worth considering your flooring and lighting. Make sure to visit your local tile shop and spend some time exploring floor tiles, backsplashes, and other kitchen finishes. It’s also important to keep in mind that not all walls can be removed, especially if they house plumbing and electrical fixtures and wiring. You’ll also need to leave plenty of room for doors to open and close, as well as space for ventilation behind, above, and beneath refrigerators.

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