What Does A Letting Agent Do?

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Whether they’re spotted behind their desk in an agency office, driving around town in a branded vehicle or conducting property viewings, letting agents are the face of the rental property industry. They work to find reliable tenants for landlords and make sure that the tenancy runs smoothly. Often, they will provide a range of services for landlords which can be tailored depending on the level of involvement required. When you require Letting Agents Gloucester, contact https://www.thomasandthomasproperty.co.uk

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One of the most fundamental services they offer is the tenant-find service which includes drafting property particulars, conducting a check-in/inventory, carrying out referencing (including credit checks, previous landlord checks and employment referencing), drawing up a tenancy agreement and dealing with enquiries. They can also provide ongoing services such as rent collection, property inspections, maintenance and deposit protection.

Some letting agents will even be on hand to advise landlords should they experience problems with their tenant, serving notices and helping with evictions. This knowledge can be invaluable for landlords who don’t have the time to deal with issues themselves or those who are new to the lettings industry and want some peace of mind that they’re complying with all the legal requirements.

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Having tenacity is a useful quality for letting agents as there are always going to be challenges in the role, but they should be willing to push on regardless. Especially when it comes to organising repairs and maintaining the property, they need to be able to keep on top of their duties and not let things slip. This means that they should be able to connect landlords with trustworthy tradespeople who can get the job done quickly and effectively.

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