How to plan for home moving day

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When the happy day comes, and you can finally move into the home you’ve been dreaming of and working so hard to achieve, how you can make the moving process better? You have managed to successfully get the mortgage from the lender. The Home Buyers survey has come back. You used an excellent Conveyancing Solicitors London based company like Sam Conveyancing to get you through the legal side of things. What can you do to make things easy, or at least more manageable?

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Firstly the best thing is to look around the property you are buying without anything being in it. The ex-residents should have left by this point and cleared it all out. Put aside the decoration you are going to change, focus on what is going where, or if you need new stuff. Once this is done, go back home and box up everything. It’s never too soon to start this. Label each one with where it will go when it gets to the new place. This will make it easier for the people doing the moving to know where to go with it, speeding up the process considerably.

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The most cumbersome thing to move is the furniture. If you can, and you have the time, it might be an idea to take off any internal doors that could cause you an issue. It is also an excellent idea to bubble wrap sharp edges or fragile items like television sets. Better still, get a removal firm in to do it all for you.

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