How to protect your roof from wind and rain

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When the wind is howling, and the rain is lashing down, we are all incredibly grateful for the roofs over our heads. They help to keep us warm and dry and in relative comfort in our homes. It is important that you regularly check your roof for signs of damage, particularly after a bad storm and replace any damaged tiles and add new Roof sealant if necessary.

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There are some easy ways that you can help to protect your roof from the effects of the wind and rain.

Inspecting your roof both on the exterior and the interior is a great way to identify any areas where water may already be seeping into your home, so you can repair this and make your roof watertight once again. When you look at your ceiling in the uppermost part of your house, you should keep an eye out for areas that have light brown staining or bubbling on the paint, as this can be a sign of water damage.

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Next, you can inspect your attic space to see whether you can see any daylight through the roof. This will help you to identify the spaces where you may have loose shingles or roof tiles. This then makes your job easier when you get up on the roof to give it a quick check over.

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