Ways to keep a building cool, without using air-con

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With rising heating bills the spring-summer heat can’t come soon enough. However, this means that we all start to switch over to fans and air conditioning systems. The end result? The electricity bill starts to go up or stays high. As heatwaves are going to become a major part of our summers, what can we do to keep cool that doesn’t involve using power?

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The great news is that there are plenty of options. Some careful planning at the beginning of the design stage is essential. One of the most radical and modern approaches is to use Brise Soleil. This is a metal or wood grating that deflects the sunlight beaming down onto the building. The heat in the summer is always going to occur but the sunlight can make it worse. The Brise Soleil system like those from alusystems.uk creates shade where there isn’t any.

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The other natural solution is to plant lots of trees. Trees are excellent at absorbing heat. They loved to do it along with carbon dioxide. The trees use this to help them grow. It’s been scientifically proven that trees reduce heat in urban areas by some 30 to 40%. This is a considerable bonus as they also aid the look of an area and generally make surroundings much more pleasant places to be.

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