Making your conservatory more comfortable

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Conservatories are a popular addition to modern homes. However, they aren’t always usable. For example, in summer they can become unbearably hot and in the winter, they quickly get freezing cold! Here are some ideas to make your conservatory comfortable for year round use:

Lighting – There are times when too much natural light makes it uncomfortable to sit in your conservatory. Take charge of lighting with stylish and contemporary blinds that can filter out the harshest light of the day but let it stream in during the mornings and evenings.

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Decor – Try not to think of the conservatory as just a room to use in the summer. Make it become part of the whole home by creating continuity with similar decor and flooring choices as the rest of the home. This will help it to become a room you use every day.

Roof – To keep the space cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you might want to consider converting the current roof. Find out more about Conservatory Roof Conversions by visiting

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FurnitureMake the conservatory a room you want to spend time in by choosing inviting and comfortable furniture. Relaxing sofas and armchairs surrounding a coffee table will encourage you to enjoy views of the garden all year round.

Furnishings – Adding homely furnishings can make the space feel more welcoming. Think about rugs, throws and large scatter cushions to add a touch of luxury to your conservatory.

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