The do’s and don’ts of Christmas gifts for Dad

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Christmas will soon be upon us again, and dads can be a nightmare to buy for. If you ask them what they want, you’ll normally get a ‘don’t waste your money’ comment before he disappears back into the shed, man cave, under the bonnet or up a ladder! As a result, most gifts are a bit last minute and a bit desperate. Here are some ideas for what is acceptable and what you should avoid:

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Don’t buy an experience

Unless your dad has specified exactly an experience day he would enjoy, avoid choosing something you don’t know whether he likes or not. If you do, chances are he’ll let it expire in a drawer somewhere and never go. Unless he’s told you he wants to hot air balloon, do archery, spend an afternoon cooking or crocheting or drive a monster truck, it’s best to avoid this type of gift altogether.

Do buy him quality booze

His favourite tipple in a posh package will be just the ticket, whether it’s a mini cask of his preferred ale, a case of fine wine or a pricey bottle of whiskey – he’ll appreciate this gift.

Do buy luxury grooming items

If your dad is the type who would rarely buy such things for himself, there are some great kits out there, fragrances and skincare that will give him a real manly treat. Or what about luxury Mens Handmade Leather Belts from a site like

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Do take note of his hobbies

If your father has an avid hobby then don’t be afraid to buy him something to indulge this passion, no matter how boring you think it might be. He might even have been good enough to drop you some hints about the latest gadget, piece of equipment or tool that he needs for his pastime.

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