What to Consider When you Plant a Mature Tree

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If you want your garden to look great straight away and are not the type of gardener that wants to wait for the results of your hard work, then something that you might be in a quandary about is adding trees. As well as bringing beauty to a garden, trees are also very beneficial for nature.

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However, waiting for a tree to grow can be time consuming, and to have the look that you want straight away it can be better to get trees that have already grown from somewhere like this https://www.theplantcollector.com/collections/mature-trees that have mature trees for sale.

Something that you should first of all be aware of when you are choosing your mature trees, is the type of soil that you are going to be planting them in – different trees adapt better to different types of soil. For example, for very wet soil, Alder is ideal, however a Yew tree will not like this type of soil as much. Doing your research on soil types and determining what type of soil you have will set you up well and help your new tree to settle in.

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Something else that you should think about is the position of the tree – is the area exposed to the weather or is it more sheltered? How much sunlight will it get? These are things that will also have an impact on how well your new tree will do when you plant it.

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