Monster Machinery

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Humans can make some pretty large and awesome machines, including these following construction giants. If there’s a big job to be done, then you need a big machine to do it. Here are some of the world’s biggest vehicle monsters:

Biggest Haul Truck

The Liebherr T282 is a massive haul track made in the United States. Strictly off-highway, this beast is an electric or diesel, two-axle powertrain haul truck with one of the biggest payload capacities for a haul truck in the world. It can carry up to 363 tons.

Biggest Excavator

Imagine an $11 million shovel fit for a giant and then you might be able to picture what the Terex RH 400 looks like. Holding the title of the world’s largest hydraulic shovel, the Terex can scoop approximately 94 tons an hour. This is a world record for any vehicle of this type.  For smaller jobs, small machinery is just as important. For Mini Digger Hire Nottingham, contact Jones Warrington who provide Mini Digger Hire Nottingham

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Largest Earth Mover

For shifting huge quantities of earth, you’re going to need an animal or an earth mover. This machine will make the earth move, with a whopping payload of 72 tons and up to 2300 hp. LeTourneau L-2350 can lift up to 24 feet, with an 11.5-foot reach and a bucket that can carry up to 40.52 cubed metres.

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The Largest Bucket – Wheel Excavator 

Interestingly named the Bagger 288, this colossal machine was designed to clear the overburden produced before the start of coal mining in Germany. This machine can excavate a staggering 240,000 tons of coal or overburden every day.

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