What to do if there’s a burglar in your home

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Nobody wants to think about an intruder in their home. It’s a terrifying thought but if you want to know how to cope in a situation like that and to increase your chances of staying safe, you should give it some thought.

The first advice is to leave the property if you happen to be home when someone breaks in. Most burglars want to be in and out as fast as possible and don’t want to harm the inhabitants but if you are unlucky enough to come face to face, they do often threaten violence. Never try to confront the intruder.

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A second action would be to activate your burglar alarm, easier if you have a panic button. Alternatively, consider setting off your car alarm or even the smoke alarm to create a noise loud enough to scare off the burglars. For more information on the benefits of Integrated security solutions, visit a company like https://www.monatrix.com/

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If you are unable to escape the property, the best course of action would be to hide somewhere you can barricade or lock yourself in and call the police. Did you know that if you are unable to speak to the operator for fear of revealing your location, you can dial 55 while on the emergency call and this will inform the operator that you are on the line but unable to speak?

In the worst case scenario that you come face to face, try to avoid eye contact and stay calm. Be compliant and tell them to take what they want.

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