Protect Your Business IT With These Steps

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For the majority of modern businesses, any problems with the IT infrastructure can quickly and inevitably lead to significant disruption. And with instances of cyber crime on the rise, this means that taking the right steps to protect your business (and the data it holds) from being affected by attacks is an absolute priority. Read on to discover the key actions that you should be taking in order to keep your business safe.

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Use A Secure Wi-Fi Connection

It’s vitally important to ensure that any work carried out online takes place over a secured internet connection to avoid the data being transferred being intercepted by cyber criminals. Even if simply browsing work emails, never use a public or open Wi-Fi connection, as these can expose company data and other files to access by bad actors. If working remotely from home or a café, use a secured VPN rather than the provided internet connection.

Keep Your Screen Locked

If you step away from your computer, get into the habit of locking your computer’s screen first. This will help to prevent a data breach, as it will immediately make it invisible to passing eyes, who may not be authorised to view this information, and harder for opportunist data thieves to access.

Dispose of Data When It’s No Longer Needed

Whether it’s deleting customer records from your systems, or manually removing paper files, it’s vital that your business gets into the habit of disposing of data once it is no longer needed. And when it comes to data recorded on paper, ensure compliance regulations are adhered to by using a firm that offers confidential shredding Swindon or elsewhere across the country. You can learn more about this at specialist sites such as whilst the value of this practice is explored at.

Don’t Leave Paper Documents Unattended

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Another important way to ensure that sensitive data stays out of the wrong hands is to be mindful of where work devices (such as laptops) or paper files are at any given time. If there are physical files needed for a task, then never leave them unattended at a desk (even for a minute), as this could leave your business at risk of a data breach. Similarly, don’t leave laptops or files in your car overnight, at a table, or in an unlocked office.

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