Characteristics of an extrovert

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Extroverts can be easy to pick out in a group of individuals. They tend to be the ones who will take charge in a team and the ones who will be ensuring that everyone has access to the Team Gifts from Miller and Co that their company uses to celebrate their successes. Extroverts will then spend a lot of their time talking about how much they loved the items in the gifts, with their colleagues.

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In a team, it is important that you strike a balance between the number of extroverts and the number of introverts that you have. Having a team that is too reliant on one personality type can lead you to difficulties.

Extroverts are very quick to accept change and so they can make for great stabilisers within a team, but they can become very easily distracted, which is not always great if you need them to be working to tight deadlines. But, if you are looking for team players who want to discuss the merits of different methods and ways to do things then extroverts are your go-to people.

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People with this personality type tend to work well in call centre settings and in sales as being around people energises them and they thrive in social situations. They are very adept at customer service and will work hard to ensure that your customers are happy.

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