How to add a pond to your garden

You may have seen that a water feature is one of the best ways to increase the value of your garden and your home. It’s a simple thing to install and it doesn’t need to be the size of a fountain like in Versaliie or at Witey Court.  A  nice simple pond will do and it can provide you with a place to grow water lilies and other aquatic plants that will help bring the garden to life and add another dimension to it. It also allows you to help local wildlife such as dragonflies and frogs. You can also add cold, fresh water, fish.

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Creating a pond is one of easiest ways to have a water feature and it’s also relatively inexpensive. You will need the assistance of a Mini Digger to save on all that spade and shovel work. However, the cost of Mini Digger Hire Nottingham way is a lot less than you’d think. The soil you create and be used to make landscape features with some turf.

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Once the hole is the size you want you have two options. Many go for the addition of pond liner. It’s just a simple plastic non-porous sheet that is held in place with the weight of the water, pond liner, stones and rocks. The other option is to fit a ready made large plastic pond. These can be very decorative and even give the option for a waterfall function, ideal for keep the water oxygenated. This will require a pump and outside power source.

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