Gifts for makeup freaks

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There are things that we can only give at Christmas, either because in previous months we are out of budget or because it is simply the perfect time to show off good detail.

That is why the end of the year parties are an opportunity to give something good to those we love; our friend, girlfriend, sister and also ourselves.

And I am sure that in our closest circle we all have a makeup addict and in this list, I am going to tell you what you can give her, that she will really love and maybe it is not in her collection.

Duochromatic Shadows by Andi Espinoza

The telentosa makeup artist Andrea Espinoza has her namesake brand that includes shadows with glitter, neons, flakes, and multichromatic pigments, of the best quality.

Endorsed by the most demanding beauty bloggers and top makeup artists, these products are an explosion of color. Its multi-chromatic effect emulates a wide spectrum of colors just using one product.

Sephora Collection brush setGifts for makeup freaks

Sephora Collection brushes have all three ‘B’s, good, pretty, and cheap. This season they launch sets at preferential prices and there is nothing that is more appreciated than a good kit of brushes.

There are from the basic ones with 4 brushes, to those that contain 10 pieces, ideal for makeup beginners, and they all come with a divine cause.

Stoned Vault by Urban DecayGifts for makeup freaks

A self-respecting makeup addict, she knows there are no prettier palettes than Urban Decays.

The pigment very well, their packaging is beautiful and not to mention their quality, great! And this set is the dream of makeup crazy women.

Contains the Stoned Eyeshadow palette (the brand’s latest release), 4 Stoned Lip Glosses, 4 Stoned 24/7 eyeliners (these won’t run for the world), and a Stoned Highlighter.

All this for $ 4200.00 pesos, it seems a great investment but only the pallet has a price higher than one thousand pesos. It is a limited edition and you get it in their online store, which also has exclusive launches, discounts, and fast shipping.

PR Monica Llaca by Sinless Beauty

On this site, we love Mexican brands and also women entrepreneurs, and what better way than to give something made in our country under the creative eye of a Mexican woman.

This set consists of a palette of 30 shades with different finishes perfect for day and night. It also contains a set of 4 brushes that match the palette and are of very good quality.

Sinless Beauty has a wide range of products among which you will find: shadow palettes, brushes, sponges, primers, and lipsticks.

And the best thing is that it has a super price: only $ 888.00 pesos. I have already tried this brand and the truth is that I love it because the value for money is impressive. You can find the set in the Renatta Cosmetics online store, it is perfect to give this season.

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