Expanding Your Business In These Holidays With Facebook

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Almost reaching the Christmas and New Year, all businesses have a great opportunity to be present to reinforce their brand , increase their sales and grow your business in the networks social .

A great tool for a lot of businesses and businesses, it remains Facebook and its native advertising, which allows both small businesses and large companies, reach their target audience with a high degree of accuracy to show their offer and generate conversions.

To do Facebook for companies proposes the following steps, selecting the right ad for your business, follow recommended for targeting and content in order to attract new customers and care during these festivities practices.

Steps for a Facebook promotion:

  1. Target the Right Audience

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No matter the type of ad that matches your business objectives, whether sales or try to get recognition, you will increase the scope and effectiveness of your ads by segmenting the public.

  • When you promote a post and you want to attract audiences beyond the people who like your page and your friends, select People you choose by targeting. This allows you to segment by location, gender and interests.
  • When you promote your website or the call to action on your page, specify the interests of the people you want to reach. The “Interests” field will be initially completed but you can add or remove interests according to your preferences.
  • When you create a local broadcast ad think beyond the radius of the area you want to target. Segmented by data additional demographic such as age and sex, to reach the right people for your business.
  1. Create the Content that Impacts

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Get noticed this season with ads inspired by the parties created from your own page.

  • Displays high quality images. Use images of your business that are attractive and cheerful, festive themed, to reach more people.
  • Create incentives. Create promotions, such as discounts, free shipping, limited-time offers, or holiday gifts.
  • Maintain consistency. Create a consistent appearance between the ads and your site so visitors do not lose the thread of your message.
  • Add a call to action. Include a single call to action that is clear, such as “Buy” or “Register”.
  • Use little text in the pictures. Make sure the ad image does not contain more than 20% text so that it gets the required approval. See test grid .
  1. Measures Results

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No matter what type of business you have (a store in a physical location or a website with sales only online), if you aim for the holidays is that people know about you and what you offer, These are two simple options available to you:

  • It determines what made people identify with your ads . What kind of images did you use? What was the tone? Ads that you create in the future should be similar to the ones that had the best performance.
  • If your ads received care from a particular demographic, be sure to target your next set of ads for that same industry.

Prepare your campaign and go ahead.

Much success on these holidays!

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