Tricks And Tips To Brush The Dog

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Brush the dog can be a fun activity for you and for your four-legged friend. But you know how you have to comb your dog? How often should I do it? What is the most suitable brush to use? Below we will share some tips and tricks that will help you brush your dog. Here you go.

Why is it important to comb and brush the dog?

Comb and brush the dog is hygienic and allows your pet to feel better. Moreover, the dogs love to be combed, love contact with the owners and any kind of extra attention.

If your dog is a long-haired brush it allows him to show off a hair more brilliant and elegant, eliminating dust and dead hair. Last but not least, brush the dog with some frequency allows earlier recognition of any skin problem or disorder that can have your pet.

Choose the suitable brush

Choose a brush for dogs may not be the easiest thing in the world. Of course, the best thing is to choose it according to your dog’s coat. Try to avoid hard brushes, because if they are not used with due delicacy, you are likely to hurt the dog.

With the long-haired dog breeds such as the Collie or Terrier, they need to be brushed weekly. A pin brush is absolutely a good option for these races because the inclination of the bristles allows you to get to the bottom layer by removing the dead hair without causing any pain.

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The short-haired dogs, such as Labrador or Galgo, do not need to be brushed with the same frequency,  however, it is advisable to brush the dog at least every two weeks to remove the dead hair. In this case, you can use of rubber brushes or of specific gloves that attract dirt and dead hair. The gloves are an excellent alternative because they adhere to the hand and the dog will think that you are stroking. In this way, it will not be difficult to keep him with you.

If you have a curly-haired dog, like a poodle, you may want to brush it frequently to avoid the formation of knots. To brush the dog can choose combs with metal bristles, but remember to act with caution, otherwise you could hurt your friend.

Where to start?

First, you have to wash your dog. Do it with a suitable shampoo. The shampoo we use, even the child-friendly, has a different pH from that it needs the dog. Ask your veterinarian what is the appropriate option for your pet. If your dog has some skin problems, you probably will need a specific product.

After bathing, it comes time to brush the dog. You have to start from the face. Although it is not very hairy in this area, it is a good way to dry more quickly and to let him show off a brilliance never seen.

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Behind the ears of your dog can form knots, therefore we must act with special care in this area. To do this, keep an ear with one hand raised, the other take the comb and combed gently. You have to work as if you had a brush in his hands, then you first need to brush the dog in the direction of hair growth and then against the grain. In addition to being a simple technique that will save you time, you will notice that your dog in this way performs a much nicer hair and healthy.

You can also start from the bottom and then go to the upper body. As mentioned, you have to pay attention to the knots, because in addition to behind the ears, can also be located in the tail, legs, and underarms. If you notice any of the nodes, you must begin to brush the dog at the end of the hair and then move closer to the skin.

How to delete nodes?

Usually, nodes are formed in the dogs that have the long hair. In hot climates, the formation of the nodes can be particularly fast. For this reason, it is advisable to brush your dog frequently. If you find the nodes you will need a thin comb. Use the tip of the comb to dissolve them. Gradually smoothed the hair until completely delete nodes.

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