Concrete is carbonite? Han’s uncomfortable experience.

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It’s something of a popular urban myth that many of the flyovers and bridge supports in the greater metropolitan London area are full of mobsters. The Chiswick Flyover is one of the most popular destinations for this, or so it is said. The victims of the Kray twins are supposed to have ended up in more than one of the many supports. However, nothing has been proved or found.

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Surprisingly this was one of the inspirations behind George Lucas’s idea to encase Han Solo in carbonite. Wanting to find a way to safely capture and transport Luke Skywalker to his master, Darth Vader hits upon the idea of using the carbon freeze unit. If he can get Luke in there, it will cover him in solid carbonite, and the trainee Jedi can’t use his powers. Job done. It’s certainly something that the Concrete Forest Of Dean experts would not have had anything to do with had they been involved in the fight for the Empire.

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However, he’s not sure it will work. Vader orders Captain Solo to be put in first to see if he survives the process. Luckily for Vader and, more importantly for Han, it works. As C-3PO points out, Han is very well protected. Come the time. Luke escapes the Carbon freezer using his force skills. Han is not so gifted. He is taken away by Boba Fett to become a lovely wall hanging for the gangster, Jabba the Hutt.

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