What is a digital footprint?

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A digital footprint is a trail of information that you leave on the internet. It encompasses areas such as the search history that you have on your computer and phone and all the websites that you have visited as well as personal information about you. It is essentially a record of everything that you have done online. It is important to note that when you use social media on the mobile phone that you bought from a Vodafone Store Near Me such as King Communication you are also contributing to your digital footprint.

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A person digital footprint starts when data is transmitted out of their personal network, so away from their home computer or phone and is put out into the internet or into cloud-based apps and software. This data is passing through other servers and the owners of these servers will decide what information they will share or track.

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Cookies for example are placed on websites and they take information such as the browser that you are using to visit the website, the operating system that you use and whether you have watched a video, commented on a blog or visit a particular product page. This then gives the website owner information that they can use to create targeted adverts to people they know have already visited their site.

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