How to maintain your lawn

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A beautiful bright lawn, green and growing, is one of the greatest aspects of a garden. It’s great for picnics on, playing games on or just laying on and watching the clouds float by. However, to get a decent one there are lots of rules that you must follow to keep it lush. At least you’ll know that with some good Trailer Parts from the cuttings can be disposed of quickly.

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The soil underneath the grass is one of the most important factors to take into account. Clay soil is very good at retaining moisture so they don’t need to be watered as much as other types. Soil that is sandy on the other hand needs lots of water as the natural conditions will let the water soak away quickly. It’s the same principle with the grassroots. If this is a newer lawn the shorter roots won’t need as much water. With an older lawn, the longer roots will go deeper into the soil, especially if you combine it with clay soil.

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One of the hardest judgement calls is when to get the lawnmower out! You can seriously damage the chances of good growth if you get this wrong. If you are looking for good substantial growth then it’s a good idea to let it grow before you cut. Cutting the lawn actually stimulates growth and the grass comes back stronger. You should never cut after or in heavy rain and this leads the lawn open to moss and weed development.

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