The Importance Of Stabilizer System  In The Car

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The stabilizer system is necessary for any car since road safety depends on it. It is this task that the stabilizer system struts perform. Structurally, they are a long rod, at the ends of which there are round elements resembling hinges. This part is attached to the car suspension, forming an integral system. In general, the word “stabilizer” speaks for itself. During the movement of the car, his body heels in different directions. And the slope does not appear in a particular place, but it can hit the entire car, especially when drifting. Here, the stabilizer system struts come into force. They give the suspension a signal to lift or lower the body at the right time. This ensures the stability of the car on the road, smooth running, as well as maneuverability. Therefore, the rack must be installed in both the front and rear of the machine.

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Of course, this is a very important detail, which must always be in good order. In principle, it is possible to drive a car without racks, but you increase the risk of losing control over the control and getting into a serious accident. Detecting the breakdown of this system is easy enough, usually, the following symptoms appear:

  • the car becomes noticeably unstable, especially at sharp turns;
  • the car starts to swing, even with a slight movement of the rudder;
  • if you release the steering, the car starts to go to the side;
  • During the passage of uneven areas on the side of the suspension, a strong screeching sound or knocking is heard.

The Importance Of Stabilizer System  In The Car

Why do I have to change racks so often?

Stands of the shock absorber are considered to be in demand consumables.

During work, they have to face serious stresses, and when you once again pass a pit or pass an uneven section of the road, it is the stands that take the main blow.

Therefore, they wear out very quickly and very quickly.

Manufacturers of automotive parts know the features of this mechanism, so it is given a decent working resource. On average, such components are designed for 200 thousand km of the run, after which they come into disrepair and need to be replaced. But we are talking about exploitation on a high-quality road surface.

When it comes to our country, where the lifespan of the racks is reduced by two or even three times. Some break even after 5 thousand km of run and there are several explanations for this:

  • low quality of roads is the most common reason. The road surface is beyond any criticism: various pits, potholes, and irregularities that are in no hurry to repair. Of course, all this negatively affects the condition of vehicles, forcing drivers to invest in new consumables all the time;
  • the aggressive driving style is the next reason. Abrupt acceleration, braking, turning and reluctance to go around problem areas of the road leading to the fact that the stabilizer struts instantly break;
  • use of substandard spare parts – usually we are talking about Chinese goods that do not pass certification in many developed countries. Of course, they are inexpensive, so attract many buyers. But you need to take into account that the low price here goes to the detriment of quality.

The mentioned items can be classified as the most important reasons for the occurrence of breakdowns, but there are also secondary factors. For example, the tire pressure is too high, the use of low-profile rubber, when installing too heavy wheels or tires with a rigid sidewall (this is usually the fault of Chinese manufacturers), etc.

The Importance Of Stabilizer System  In The Car

How to extend the life of the stabilizer system

Given the above information, in order to prolong the life of the stabilizer racks it is necessary:

  • carefully choose the route on which you are going to go;
  • to abandon extreme maneuvers on the roads, circling any obstacles, smoothly starting from the spot and stopping the car. That is, you do not need to make sudden movements;
  • and the last, use only quality spare parts.

If you have crept into suspicion that the stabilizer rods are out of order, they need to be checked. It is not difficult to do this:

  1. The first option is to unscrew the wheels of the car in any direction until it stops. Then you need to find the stabilizer’s arm and pull it. This is necessary in order to detect a backlash, which is easier to see when moving parts;
  2. Another way is to detach the rack, but you do not need to completely remove it. Now it is required to rotate the part in different directions to again detect the play. If the part is badly worn, it will be very easy to rotate, and also produce extraneous sounds;
  3. for the latter method – you will need a viewing hole, as well as the participation of another person. One of you has to get behind the wheel to drive the car, while the second person will put his hand on the counter. If it is out of order, then you will feel a noticeable blow. Carry out this procedure carefully, to avoid injury.

Where to replace the racks?

In general, changing racks is very simple. But if you are not sure of your abilities, then consult a specialist. A professional will quickly perform a similar procedure, and also check other parts of the car for a malfunction. Prices for repair work usually announced in advance and depends on nature, as well as the complexity of the breakdown.

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We do not recommend tightening with the repair of the stabilizer system since it is directly connected to the suspension. If you do not pay attention to this problem, then over time other elements of the running gear will suffer, and this is more complicated and expensive repairs.

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