Places to have CCTV in your business

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If you run a business, you might have looked at ways to improve security and working with a CCTV Manchester company like might be just the answer that you are looking for. CCTV can be used in a number of different ways and in different locations. Here are some of the areas that you might want to consider installing CCTV in.

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Reception – the reception area of any business is often a hive of activity. This can also mean that it is a prime target for thieves. It can also be an area where unhappy customers come to complain.By having CCTV you can give your reception staff some added security in knowing that if a customer becomes aggressive they have evidence on the recordings.

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High target areas – if you sell products and have what is known as high ticket items such as alcohol or electronic goods you might want to consider having CCTV placed in these areas of your store and installed facing these items.

Doors – the doors to your business are going to be the areas that are most at risk of thieves. Having CCTV on the outside of your building monitoring these doors and then also inside the door area, will help you to catch anyone trying to break in and provide you with any much needed evidence.

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