What is a PA?

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What is the role of a personal Assistant? Personal assistants are employed by executives or managers, and they complete administrative tasks. Also, wealthy or famous people with a lot of work to do can hire them. The PA is often the person who is first contacted by someone trying to contact the manager.

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A PA’s role is different from that of a typical admin position, in that they are hired to perform tasks on behalf of an individual, rather than working as part and parcel of a team. They play an important role, allowing the manager to focus on other things while the PA handles the admin and the day-to-day organisation. Find out more about hiring a Virtual PA by visiting https://getaheadva.com/

These are just a few of the responsibilities that a PA has:

First point of contact, and representing the manager/executive.

Take phone calls, respond to emails and write letters.

The PA is responsible for managing the diary of the manager, scheduling appointments and meetings and deciding on who will be given an audience.

Booking travel, accommodation and transportation.

Organisation of conferences and events.

Working on presentations, typing up minutes or reports, and answering correspondence.

Liaising and communicating with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

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A PA’s responsibilities can vary widely depending on the sector. A PA can be hired by a rich family or celebrity and not by a corporation. In this case, the PA’s responsibilities can also include home and personal life tasks, such as hiring cleaners or babysitters.

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