What we asked a backup system in the cloud?

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In many companies virtual hard disks, which are responsible to synchronize our files on the computer or server to the cloud, as a backup system used. But when upload files and remove them from the company, what would you ask a backup system in the cloud?

Well, first we should have the information encrypted. Something that a user would not be a problem for the company that handles confidential information is a must. The data should remain safe even if someone manages to gain access credentials to the cloud service.

Backup System
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A backup system, no file synchronization

Then if what we seek is a system backup is essential to allow us to save multiple copies of the same file, so the copy is cumulative, and can retrieve files from a historical, of either the last week, last month or last year, depends on how you organize.

Especially systems using synchronization, perform incremental backups to, on the one hand, reduce the time it takes to execute the copy, and secondly, not be larger than necessary size accumulating copies. In any case at least it would be necessary to enable one version history of files to recover from days ago.

We also need to look for a service that is easily scalable, i.e. that if we need 100 GB of space and tomorrow we have more than 500 contract the service. Even better if it is flexible and directly we charge for the space we consume, without worrying about the copy fails to exceed the contracted space.

Finally , we should have the load times the information in the cloud, as well as restoring the copy. It is essential especially if the company is to be used for copying files from different computers, because in most cases, a rate rise and slow discharge can cause problems when running the copy when computers are inactive.

Legal aspects to consider

As regards the legal aspects, in addition to encryption it is important that our service provider, to make sure it complies with current legislation regarding the Data Protection Act or to go to the courts against any possible claim.

We also have to check whether we make copies directly from each workstation company that users only have access to their own data, and control that they cannot be downloaded without permission. This way we avoid that an employee can offload the company and store them on your private computer at home, something very common with systems virtual disks, especially if your professional version is not used.

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